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10 miles hike along South West Coast Path!

Cornwall part 3

After an uncomfortable night, a hot shower always helps, which is why I insisted on a campsite with a shower and toilet block. The morning coffee can get tricky if you don't have access to electricity so a gas bottle or a portable stove is a good backup option. The air in the morning can still be quite cold, even in the summer, so having a hot beverage and hot breakfast does give you that extra boost of energy.

We had a big day ahead of us as this was the day to walk a fair share of the South West Coast Path. At this point I can tell you one thing, always check the elevation of the terrain when looking at a trial. When I have added all the stops along the way Google kindly informed me that the walk will take 4 hours. At this point I should have also looked at the amount of miles as it did add up to 10 miles, which clearly would take me longer than 4 hours to walk, even on flat ground. Not to mention that when looking at the terrain elevation level it was 8 peaks that we had to climb.

Needles to say the hike took us all day and we were absolutely knackered after. If you don't feel you have the stamina to do such a long walk I do recommend walking to the Logan Rock and then do a smaller circular walk to Penberth Cove. You will be able to enjoy the wonderful scenery and still get back on time to enjoy lunch at the local Logan Rock Inn.

We have managed to find a great car park for a really good price at Treen, TR19 6LF. The location is great as there is a path leading directly from the car park to the coast. The pay point is quite old so do remember to bring some change with you. There is also a public toilet but you will need change for that as well. As soon as you leave the car park, the path to the coast should be on your left side (labelled as 'Logan Rock'). I absolutely loved this bit as it will guide you through a massive corn field. The path here is rather flat, with few small stone walls to climb over. At the end of the field the view opens up and you can admire the amazing coastline, with Logan Rock ahead and Minack Theatre to the right.

We were very lucky with the weather on that day so we have decided to spend a bit more time in this area and climb to the top of Logan Rock. I wouldn't recommend doing that on a wet windy day though. The rocks are fairly easy to climb and there are numerous paths guiding you through the area. The view from that point is stunning and just roaming around the rock formations is great fun.

As we carried on towards the Penberth Cove, we have spotted some movement below between the rocks. To our great surprise and delight, we noticed that there were a few ponies grazing in the area! These were the Dartmoor ponies which were actually working hard on improving the local wildlife habitat, so please when you happen to come across these lovely creatures do not disturb or feed them. After taking few photos we carried on with our walk.

The skies were so clear that we could see miles ahead and admire the whole, wild coastline along the path. One disadvantage of such amazing weather is the merciless sun that on a hike like this drains you out of any energy, so make sure you drink plenty of water along the way.

As you reach Penberth Cove, you can follow the road to your left, which then should lead you back to the car park, or you can carry on and follow the South West Coast Path to your right. I think at this point I should warn anyone who is scared of moths or butterflies that there is one section along the way where you will experience an increased amount of butterflies and insects flying around you. Personally I was having the time of my life.

Another view, another decline and another climb. That's more or less how the whole path looks like.

The beaches here are covered with rocks so there isn't really an option to take an easy stroll on a sandy beach. There are a few waterfalls along the way and some small streams. Along the way you should come across St Loy's Cove which is very characteristic for it's white boulders and stones. It's a great spot for a quick break too.

I must say that the biggest disappointment was the Tater-du Lighthouse. Don't get me wrong the lighthouse itself is very nice and well maintained but not accessible to tourists. The driveway is blocked and you can only admire it from a large distance, which was not what I expected, after watching some videos about the South West Coast Path.

Just past the lighthouse you can cut the walk a bit short and turn left towards the path leading to Nûn Careg Cross or carry on and reach the Lamorna Cove. Here you will be able to reconnect with the civilisation for a bit as there is a lovely café and a pub, Lamorna Wink, down the road. The way back doesn't offer beautiful views, as from now on you will follow the main road, B3315. However, this does not mean that the path doesn't offer some interesting spots. Along the way you will come across some historical sites like the Nun Careg Cross, The Merry Maidens Stone Circle, Tregiffian Burial Chamber and the Boskenna Cross.

Follow the main road until you have reached the Logan Rock Inn. Then carry on straight and turn left back to the car park. If you are lucky you will come across a few cows chilling in the street and in peoples front gardens...


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