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There’s something about water..

There’s something about water. Something about its duality I guess. How it can sooth, nurture and help to create life and at the same time bring destruction and death in the most unexpected moment. The power, the force of it is simply remarkable. Personally, I think that this why people are so drawn and fascinated by it. In the end, deep inside, us and the water, we are not that much different..

That is probably one of the reasons why the Lake District always was such a popular destination for travellers from around the world. Fun fact - In the nineteenth century a group of poets was so fascinated by the nature of the region that they created multiple poems inspired by the lakes, forests and mountains. They became later known as the Lake Poets (The three main figures of the Lakes School were William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and Robert Southey).

Now, let’s get back on track. While exploring the banks of Thirlmere you can stick to the main path leading all the way around the lake or, if the weather is more sunny and dry, discover some smaller tracks right on the banks of the reservoir. You can also make few detours from the main track and see the attractions nearby like the Bowder Stone, Lodore Falls, Castle Crag, Borrowdale and of course Helvellyn.

Since we were not so lucky with the weather, after the Dob Gill Waterfall, we decided to stick to the main path around the reservoir. The nice part about this trail was that every now and then there were some well-prepared viewpoints and many small forest paths parallel to the main road which allowed us to enjoy nature even better.

With all the trees and different varieties of plants this area looks particularly beautiful in Autumn. With wide range of reds and yellows mixed with fifty shades of green you get the feeling of cosiness with a hint of nostalgia. Basically, pure essence of tranquillity. This goes for most of the smaller lakes and reservoirs of the Lake District as they are more private and not overcrowded with tourists. I can fairly say that during our walk we encountered more sheep than people so if you are looking for a peaceful place to contemplate about your life, Thirlmere is the place for you.

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